Albums - NAMES UNLIMITED (2007)

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Manah-siksa Devi Dasi - NAMES UNLIMITED
(released August 17, 2007)

1) OCEAN OF JOY  5.15 (Kimdal)
2) DIVINE SOUND  4.16 (Kimdal)
3) GOLDEN INSTRUCTION  1.35 (Kimdal)
4) HIGHER DESIRE  1.49 (Kimdal)
5) INVOCATION  2.58 (Kimdal)
6) WHEN  3.40 (Kimdal)
7) WITHOUT YOU  2.37 (Kimdal)
8) NOW AND FOREVER  5.41 (Kimdal)
9) Bonus track: Mick Arrow - SISTER OCEAN  16.09 (Arrow)

Total play time: 44 min.

Manah-siksa Devi Dasi — Words and music, lead and
backing vocals, acoustic guitars, flute, basic arrangements.

I dedicate this album to the origin of its lyrics, Shri Chaitanya
Mahaprabhu — who first presented these eight golden in-
structions — and to all of His followers, who lovingly
distributed them to us.
Thanks to: Shrila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami for inspiration,
guidance and unconditional love;
Maha Hari Das for support and making this project possible;
Bhakta Mikael for all good ideas, inspiration and great engagement;
and to all others who have contributed in some way or other.


Mick Arrow — Lead and backing vocals,
additional arrangements. TS-10 - pianos, bass, drums
and percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, organs,
flutes, sax, strings, synth, programming, sound effects
and samples. Acoustic - mridanga, harmonium, karatals,
tambourine, maracas, chimes.
Track 9 - SISTER OCEAN - Words and music, arranged and
performed by Mick Arrow, 2007.

Thanks to: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
Prabhupada for eternal guidance.

Recorded, mixed, mastered & produced by Mick Arrow
at OmniRasa Studio, Sweden.
Cover artwork and design by Mick Arrow.
There is no vocal pitch correction on this album!

© & P 2007  OmniRasa Records  ORNU07. All rights reserved.