Manah-siksa Devi Dasi (Maria Kimdal)




New song - KRISHNA HE
Words - Trad. Music - Manah-siksa
Arranged, performed, recorded & mixed by Manah-siksa.
Mastered by Mick Arrow.
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New song - GÅTAN
Words & music by Manah-siksa.
Arranged, performed, recorded & mixed by Manah-siksa.
Mastered by Mick Arrow.
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New studio recordings for the South American Tour 2008

In favour of the 2008 South American Tour (October-December) a few new songs were recorded at Omnirasa Studio. Recorded, mixed, produced & mastered by Mick Arrow. These tracks are not available on CD media, but for Mp3 Play on this site only.
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Track info:
Foremost Example (Kimdal)
Gauranga (Kimdal)
Gloria A Ti (Kimdal)

Manah-siksa: vocals and guitars. Mick Arrow: Arrangements, backing vocals, TS-10 bass, piano, drums & percussion, electric guitars, strings, organ, sound & sequence programming.


Manah-siksa Devi Dasi (Maria Kimdal) about herself:

I was born in the north of Sweden in 1958. Ever since my early childhood, I was attracted to Music, to Words and to God. When I was 14, I bought my first guitar, and I started to sing in choirs and play in different bands. Later I came to study music on full time for 7 years (guitar, flute, piano, composition, etc) and later I also worked as a music teacher.

When I got family and children, I started to dedicate my little spare time to language studies and to writing. By the time, I came to teach Swedish and Spanish, and I also accepted to work as the managing editor of Skrivlustan, a Swedish magazine for writers, with four issues per year. It is also in this magazine, where much of my writing is published. Besides this, I occasionally perform alone or with other writers and musicians in different events. My major music project so far, is a CD production - NAMES UNLIMITED - together with the excellent musician Mick Arrow; eight songs based on the beautiful teachings of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The CD was released in August 2007.

As God has always been a reality in my life, I would say that there has always also been a spiritual presence in my works, and since a few years ago, the Vaishnava philosophy has come to be a great inspiration for me in everything I do, whether it is writing, playing or cooking! And I have come to realize that everything becomes a beautiful art, when there is consciousness regarding the Origin behind all art.